SPACEPASTE ™ Dentimints Are Great For​

  • Humanitarian Efforts
  • After Meals
  • Traveling (airports, hotels, car rental, etc.)
  • Camping
  • At the workplace
  • Before meetings or appointments
  • During the big date or a night out
  • Sporting events
  • At the gym
  • After smoking
  • Getting the recommended number of daily “brushings”
SPACEPASTE - Chew, Swish, Fresh

The 15 Second Fix... Chew, Swish, Clean, Fresh!

The dental mint that cleans your mouth…..  How many times have you brushed your teeth today?  As lifestyles become increasingly active, it is more difficult to maintain our oral health.  Our Spacepaste Dentimint chew-able tablets kill oral bacteria, brush your teeth without the need for water, and are supported by an array of scientific and clinical studies.  Plus, they remove plaque and eliminate bad breath!

Spacepaste ™ Supporting Studies:  Spacepaste Clinical Paper     Loma Linda      University of Bordeaux

SPACEPASTE ™ Dentimints Are The Next Innovation in Dental Care

SPACEPASTE ™ is starting to garner attention as the next innovation in dental care.  Establishing its own distinct category between the mint/gum and toothpaste markets, SPACEPASTE ™ Dentimints provide people with a way to get their recommended number of brushings while also eliminating bad breath. 

With the points listed below, it’s no wonder that SPACEPASTE ™ is creating such a stir.

  • Unique on-the-go product with mass social appeal and no direct competition.
  • Contains Xylitol and patented ExoCyan® Cran (cranberry extract) to reduce plaque, kill bacteria, and maintain a healthy mouth.
  • In clinical trials, SPACEPASTE ™ outperformed Crest® Fluoride Toothpaste in reducing common oral bacteria and plaque.
  • Multiple opportunities in humanitarian aide, the oral care aisle, gum/mint/candy aisle, end-cap displays and at the register.
  • More than 10 years and nearly $1 million invested in R&D.
  • Intellectual property protections make our products unique and exclusive
  • Additional flavors currently in R&D with anticipated release later in 2020.
  • Multiple product and dispenser line extensions currently in R&D with anticipated release in 2020.

Fluoride Free

ExoCyan Cran, the primary ingredient in SPACEPASTE ™, is a patented and highly refined cranberry extract. As opposed to traditional toothpastes that may contain the drug fluoride, ExoCyan Cran is a natural alternative to support oral health.

Eliminates Bacteria and Plaque

Xylitol, unlike other natural or synthetic sweetners, has been used in many dental applications because it starves bacteria before it can grow and multiply. Other products typically use Sodium Bicarbonate or Baking soda  to freshen your mouth and remove plaque.

Proven, Unique, and Exciting

If you are looking for a proven, unique, and exciting product, we invite you to contact us and learn more about our packaging options, bulk order, co-brand, and private label opportunities.  Chew, Swish, Clean, Fresh!

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