John Osland, CEO and Co-Founder
John Osland, CEO and Co-Founder

John was appointed Executive Chairman and active advisor to upstarts Cutting Edge Oral Care, Home Diversification Mortgage Corp., SAFE Inc. / SAFE dot org. and Agora Brands Group (ABG.)  His passionate operations business building, corporate development, M&A, and strategic corporate leadership experience is backed by an academic history featuring an MBA in Finance from a Top 20 program and a BA in Economics, cum laude, with departmental distinction in Economics and Accounting. He has thrived across Fortune 500 and entrepreneurial upstarts with public, private and nonprofit directors’ experience.

Prior to CEO and Chairman at Gravity Investments, John led proprietary, private equity backed technology companies including Chairman of Gem Pharmaceuticals, CEO of Mad Catz, General Partner and co-CEO of Land Info International, and CEO and Vice Chairman of The Music School.

John led a startup enterprise tech solutions business unit from $1M to $100M in 36 months. He co-led full spectrum corporate development in raising $100M in growth capital for emerging technology companies. He has subject matter expertise in intellectual property licensing, strategic partner development, and onshore / offshore enterprise, R&D.

His enterprise technologies deal making, and programmatic project implementation highlights include verticalizing the sales force, co-founding the Global Industry Consulting Solutions and Integrations Division, the Corporate Account Group, and the Business Partner Program for Intergraph, a Fortune 500 enterprise software company. John’s teams were number one in the company 5 times over 11 1/2 years.

Osland served on the Board of Directors for Bethesda Lutheran Church Charities as well as their governance committee. Bethesda is a 103-year-old national Lutheran nonprofit that employs 4000 professionals housing and helping the disabled while evangelizing the Lutheran faith. John led the Capital Campaign for Christ Lutheran Church. John was the General Partner in an entrant in the Indianapolis 500.