Introducing Our New and Innovative Dental Care Products

Research and Development:  We have put more than 1 million dollars of R&D into supporting our unique oral care products

Spacepaste ™ Dentimint Toothpaste Tablets – How many times have you brushed your teeth today?  As lifestyles become increasingly active, it is more difficult to maintain our oral health.  Our Spacepaste chew-able mint tablets kill oral bacteria, brush your teeth without the need for water, and are supported by an array of scientific and clinical studies.  Plus, they remove plaque!

Spacepaste ™ Scientific and Clinical Studies (PDFs)Spacepaste Clinical Paper    University of Bordeaux     Loma Linda

GOST at Home Professional Teeth Whitening System – What’s the easiest and most non invasive way to make yourself look 10 years younger?  Whitening your teeth.  It will make you smile more.  Our teeth whitening system is endorsed by leading cosmetic dentist and is truly unique.  Our system is guaranteed to work for everybody without the sensitivity normally associated with whitening your teeth using other products.

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